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Eye Doctor Saves Woman’s Life Through Charitable Work

By Essilor Vision Foundation

“Being able to give back in that situation is something that has impacted me and I will never forget that story as long as I live.”

Recently, Dr. Ryan Parker sat down with two eye doctors and the President and Executive Director of Essilor Vision Foundation to discuss the importance and impact of being a charitable eye doctor. During this discussion, Dr. Parker, Director, Professional Services at Essilor of America, shared how being charitable impacted his community, his patients and himself. This video is an excerpt from that discussion.

One experience, in particular, had a big impact on him and as you will see in his story, it had a life-changing impact for his patient’s life too.


Changing Life through Lenses (CLTL), a free program created by Essilor Vision Foundation, was designed to help eye doctors and vision nonprofits increase their charitable capabilities for their communities. Through CLTL, eye doctors can get free complete glasses, labs services, frame collection and other free resources when they enroll in Changing Life through Lenses and help qualified patients.

For a limited time, eye doctors can also get up to $1,500 in CLTL Relief funds when registering for CLTL Relief and using the Changing Life through Lenses (CLTL) program to help patients in need. The funds are available for charitable jobs performed from June 1 – December 31, 2021. Learn more about CLTL Relief at

Visit to read the full article, and find out how your practice can get involved.