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Your patients have carefully chosen you as their eyecare provider, entrusting you with something incredibly precious: their vision. By recommending Eyezen® enhanced single vision lenses, you can give them everyday solutions for sharper vision and relaxed eyes, which not only validates that trust, but also sends a message that you don’t compromise when it comes to their vision care.

Comfortable eyes in the digital age

Every day, your single vision patients face a variety of diverse visual demands. Traditional single vision lenses are outdated and ill-equipped to keep up with the needs of a modern digital lifestyle.

Eyezen lenses not only offer sharper, more comfortable vision, they also reduce visual fatigue² from digital screens and filter blue-violet light.³ 

Choosing the right Eyezen lens for your patient

Eyezen Start
For the first time in a single vision lens, Eyezen® Start uses two optimization points to provide the correct prescription over a greater portion of the lens surface, which helps reduce digital eye strain and visual fatigue.
Eyezen Plus
Eyezen®+ lenses feature an accommodative boost at the bottom of the lens to reduce digital eye strain caused by frequently switching between digital devices throughout the day.
Eyezen Kids
Eyezen® Kids lenses are uniquely designed for how children see the world, with a larger area of optimization compared to standard single vision lenses to provide a better all-around visual experience.




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2. Compared with regular single vision lenses. Eyezen® in-Life consumer studies - 3rd Independent parties - [Eyezen® Boost Crizal® Prevencia - 2015 - FR- n=76 / Eyezen® Boost EPS - 2016 - FR - n=51 / Eyezen® Start (Rx) - 2018 - FR - n=49 / Eyezen® Start (Stock) - 2020 - FR - n=52]

3. Blue-violet light is between 400 and 455nm as stated by ISO TR 20772:2018