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New Crizal Sapphire HR


Crizal® Sapphire™ HR No-Glare lenses meet all expectations by combining the most innovative technologies to provide the best anti-reflective coating overall.1 Crizal Sapphire HR No-Glare lenses shield the eyes and lenses against reflections, scratching, smudging and UV light for long-lasting transparency, durability, and protection

Your patients experience reflections when indoors and outdoors², experience damaged lenses due to scratches and wear³, and even wipe lenses 20,000 times before renewing them. An ever changing environment, daily wear and tear, and circumstances out of your control can alter lenses and disrupt vision clarity and comfort. Patients expect clarity of vision, scratch resistance, anti-glare technology, easy-to-clean lenses, and UV protection from their lenses.

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Crizal Sapphire HR lenses went through the Lifeproof Multi-test,
a rigorous protocol of tests to assess their technical performance


Crizal Sapphire HR is the best anti-reflective coating overall1
Crizal Sapphire HR provides up to 70% more scratch-resistance than previous generation5
Crizal Sapphire HR is 3x easier to clean than premium competitors after extensive smudging6



Crizal Prevencia Logo
Crizal Prevencia provides full UV protection and filters blue-violet light.7
Crizal Rock Logo
Offers best-in-class durability with our most scratch-resistant No-Glare lens, providing the best combination of scratch and smudge resistance while repelling water and dust.8
No matter which Crizal product they choose, your patient can rest assured their lenses will combat glare, scratches, and smudges. For the Clearest Vision Possible™.


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1 External laboratory tests and internal technical tests - 2020. Compared to the competitor most known lens-brands by consumers (2019 external brand tracking in 11 countries). The word ’overall’ refers to anti-reflective coatings important criteria, ranked through an external quantitative consumer study - 2019.

GfK - online consumer quantitative research 2016 - declarative results - USA, Spain, India, n=2406 wearers from 25-65yo.

©Ipsos – Risky behaviours of eyeglasses wearers - online consumer quantitative research 2019 - declarative results - France, USA, n= 1600 eyeglasses wearers from 18-65yo.

Essilor Estimations - France, USA, India - based on the following: average number of times cleaned/week, number of times wiped, "wipe" corresponding to a one-way cleaning motion, and eyeglass replacement rate.

Internal R&D measurement – 2020 – compared to Crizal® Sapphire™ 360°

External laboratory test - 2020 - compared to the competitor most known lens-brands by consumers (2019 external brand tracking in 11 countries).

7 Crizal Prevencia coating filters 20% of blue-violet light (between 400 and 455nm as stated by ISO TR 20772:2018) with front and back side  UV protection up to E-SPF 35™ index.

8 External laboratories tests and internal technical tests in 2020. Combination here defined as the merger of two distinct criteria which are scratch resistance and smudge resistance - Crizal Rock rated best on smudge resistance and equal on scratch resistance, compared to the top No-Glare competitors. Scratch resistance may vary depending on lens configuration.